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About Fur-Real Ragdolls

furrealfullpagewebAt Fur-Real we breed toward the goal of the recognized TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard. We seek to improve our breeding program and to be an asset to the breed as a whole. Type, is the living standard that Fur-Real wishes to embrace. We strive for better eye color, chin structure, body size, and overall improvement from one generation to the next.

Health is of equal importance at Fur-Real Ragdolls. We pride ourselves on staying well informed on the latest research concerning feline health, nutrition and breeding, even attending seminars whenever possible that are geared towards bettering our breeding program and increasing our knowledge.Agnus-Dei-at-Jazzy-Cats

Our breeding cats are HCM (Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy) DNA tested to be negative for the Ragdoll marker. For more information please read at UC Davis VGL.  As well as being kept current on their veterinary care.

Temperament is not any less of a priority to Fur-Real. Due to over 20 years as experienced breeders, we are convinced genetics, environment and socialization all play a very important role in insuring beautiful , loving kittens.

Fur-Real Ragdolls is determined to maintain a high standard of ethics. Ethics are personal and often developed by the foundation of your moral code. As Christians we believe that our ethics are a direct reflection of who we are and of our faith. We are therefore dedicated to being honest and forthright with fellow cat breeders as well as those seeking to purchase a kitten from us as their “fur”ever friend.  We welcome you to fellowship with us at

“Glory Bound Fellowship”.