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The Lord watches over all who love him…Psalms 145:20

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The Ragdoll is a quiet cat, but will let you know when it is mealtime or when they just want some extra tender loving care. They are not one to hide under the bed. They want to be the center of attention. They get along well with children, dogs and other cats. Ragdolls are indoor cats ONLY and we recommend that they not be let out of doors; unless in a covered play area and supervised. The Ragdoll breed is so sociable they could easily be taken by a stranger, or harmed by another animal.

Neutered males generally weigh between 13 – 20 pounds and adult females typically weigh around five pounds less. The Ragdoll breed is slow to mature reaching full maturity at three – four years.

Ragdolls are a low maintenance cat. Their fur is rabbit-like, requires very little grooming and it seldom mats. Combing and nail clipping on an as needed basis should keep them in beautiful condition.

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